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Martins 4 Seasons Lawn Maintenance Services

Regular Lawn Services improve your lawn, landscape and home.

Our lawn care services help extend your home life to the outdoors and even increase the value of your home.

Instead of spending precious hours of your time on lawn maintenance, rely on our trained lawn care professionals to do the job right. You can have a lawn that is green, lush, thick as well as weed and disease-free along with more time to enjoy it with your family.

Our attention to detail and unparalleled quality speaks for itself. Martins 4 Seasons will provide you with a reliable and trustworthy service that is not easily matched. 

Weekly Lawn Cutting

Regular Lawn Maintenance to Keep your Yard in Tip Top Shape. Friendly Landscaping Services in your Neighbourhood!

Martins 4 Seasons offers a weekly lawn cutting service to help you keep your yard looking beautiful. Our regular lawn maintenance will never allow your lawn to get out of hand, and you'll always be ready to host that backyard barbeque!

Lawn Fertilizing

Get a green and healthy lawn this summer that is full of thick grass and no weeds with Martins 4 Seasons Landscaping and Property Maintenance. We offer a fertilizing service that is sure to give you your ideal lawn.

Contact the lawn care experts at Martins 4 Seasons for a quote for our fertilizing service in your area.

Lawn Dethatching

Do you need dethatching in your yard? We specialize in dethatching and yard maintenance.

A lawn dethatching is a corrective measure taken to bring an unhealthy lawn with an excessive thatch layer back into balance.

Thatch is the layer of grass clippings and built up plant material in a lawn found between the green grass tops and the roots. In a healthy lawn, this naturally developing layer should be 1/2 inch thick.

With the help of certain bacteria, the thatch slowly breaks down over time so the height stays constant. A proper amount of thatch on a lawn helps to protect the grass roots from burning and allows the lawn to retain water.

With frequent mowing, you should leave the clippings on the surface to be recycled back into the lawn. They can provide essential nutrients that are very good for the turf.

Frequent mowing is key, to ensure the clippings are small so they will decompose quickly, helping eliminate the need for lawn dethatching.

Spring Yard Clean Up Services

Our spring yard clean up service will give your property the jumpstart it needs after the winter season. This thorough service will really make your home stand out, laying the foundation for healthy turf, effective lawn care, and a great looking property through the sunny months.

Our spring yard cleanup services include:

- Pick up and remove all debris, branches, leaf matter left from fall and winter weather 
- Edge gardens and add top soil where necessary 
- Rake lawns and top dress 
- Cultivate planting beds 
- Prune shrubs and trees where appropriate and when plant species permits 
- Power wash walkways and decks 
- Clean eavestroughs

Fall Clean Up Services

Martin's 4 Seasons Landscaping fall clean up service will give your property the care it needs to ensure your soil will remain healthy and well-nurtured after winter. Prepare for winter the right way, and keep your property looking pristine. We blow, rake and remove all debris on your property - giving you a clean start to the cold seasons. We cut your lawn one final time, so that it stimulates grass growth and greening for the future. We provide aeration services so you can have healthier grass, reduce soil compaction and thatch reduction. Additionally, we fertilize your lawn to help prevent weed and positively influence grass colour. There are many more lawn care practices included in our fall clean up service!

Contact us for more information or to schedule a fall clean up, before winter comes around!

Lawn Aeration Services

Lawn Aeration allows the saturation of water, nutrients, and air in your grass, helping your lawn grow stronger and faster. 

Get your lawn looking healthy with aeration from Martins 4 Seasons landscaping and property maintenance. In this peak growing time this will help your lawn come back stronger and fuller next spring

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We offer Regular Lawn Care Services that improve your lawn, landscape and home. Serving Acton and surrounding area.
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