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Planting and mulch Oakville
10 March 2017

Planting and mulch Oakville

We take care of all your planting!

At Martins 4 Seasons Landscaping and Property Maintenance, we know that gardens are lovely, but can take a lot of work. 

Between weeding, planting, and mulching your gardens, it can take your entire summer! Let the professionals at Martins 4 Seasons Landscaping and Property Maintenance take care of planting and mulching for you. We will plant whatever you need and then lay down mulch in your gardens to give them a clean and tidy look.


Gardens are organic things. And although your garden may have good basic bone structure it will from time to time need additional planting or even a total replant. especially in the start of the growing season.

The experts at Martins 4 Seasons specialize in creating beautiful landscaping for your home or place of business. Ever wanted a beautiful garden to brighten up the front entrance of your business? Or maybe you just want to improve your current garden to make your home look a little more inviting? Trust our professionals to make the most beautiful garden to truly express the image you want for your property!